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Do you want to set yourself apart in your US College Application?

The process can be confusing with a lot of factors that can be difficult to navigate, but with Hale Education you have access to a huge network of Ivy League educated Counselors who assist you at every stage of the process, guiding you and helping you to enhance your chances of success!

When you engage Hale Education, you have access to an entire team of American university professionals with relevant firsthand admissions experience, education, and knowledge. Hale Education will help you with the key stages of preparation, research, and application to US universities and guide you in your critical first steps into the future.

The Hale Education team has comprehensive experience in meeting application deadlines, evaluating transcripts, advising on letters of recommendation, essay brainstorming and revision, completing the Common Application, supervising student visa application procedures, and exploring Financial Aid options.

Whether you are an average student or an academic all-star, the Hale Education team will assist and support you in every step of the process – from research to submission, selection, and enrollment – through our collaborative approach and innovative use of technology.

Over 21 million students are expected to enroll in American colleges and universities this year. According to an independent survey conducted by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions, over 26% of high achieving seniors utilized the services of a professional educational consultant in their college search and application process.

Over 3,500 institutions of higher learning in the US, multiple critical deadlines, and admissions criteria overwhelm even the most informed families. Hale Education will help you navigate this complicated, and often confusing, process.

With private American university costs typically exceeding 1 Million AED, isn’t it worth securing an unbiased opinion, expert guidance, and a comprehensive plan?

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry and never guarantee admission or complete students’ work for them. Based on the philosophy of helping you find the proper “fit”, we will help you create a list of schools that will empower you to achieve your personal, academic, social, and professional goals.

We take into account not only the course of study you want to pursue, but the important cultural, geographic, and personal preferences that make you a unique individual. Applying to American colleges is challenging; let Hale Education be your guide.

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