SAT vs. ACT: Why should you take the ACT?

As of March 2016, students will see the new version of the SAT, as it returns to a 1600 point grading system with an optional essay and more focus on reading. To see how you would do on the redesigned SAT, try this interactive quiz created by the New York Times.

In the light of these upcoming changes, more students are now opting for the ACT than the SAT, and there is a good reason for this. In order to master the test and prepare for it effectively, students need to have a solid understanding of the material that will be tested and the strategies with which to approach questions and solve problems. At Hale, we are encouraging all our students graduating from high school in 2017 to prepare for the ACT alone. We do not recommend taking the new SAT for at least the first two rounds (May and June of 2016 in the UAE), as students should not opt to be guinea pigs of a new experiment without knowing exactly what to expect – especially when there is a far more reliable alternative.

The ACT has been relatively consistent and more straightforward than the SAT, and is recognized and accepted by all four year colleges and universities in the United States. As a multiple-choice test that is more knowledge-based than logic-based, the ACT focuses more on what students are learning at school, than on logical reasoning and memorization of esoteric vocabulary. The test includes English, Mathematics, Reading and Science components, and offers an optional writing portion as well. Interestingly, the new redesigned SAT is actually becoming more similar to the ACT, in terms of its format and material, and there will no longer be penalty marks for incorrect answers.

Hale Education Group is now offering small group classes and one-to-one preparation for the ACT in Dubai. Classes will be led by a Harvard-educated trainer with over five years of test preparation experience. If you are interested in learning more about  our ACT courses and signing up for a free diagnostic test, please give our office a call on 04 299 0077.

Anushka Chugani is the Director of Operations at Hale Education Group. 

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