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Hale Student Salman Tariq Receives Full Scholarship To Study In The United States

Hale Student Salman Tariq Receives Full Scholarship To Study In The United States

Hale’s Managing Director Peter Davos with Salman Tariq, one of this year’s top students, who received a full scholarship to study in the United States.

Salman Tariq is the first ever recipient of a full-tuition scholarship from Hale Education Group and American Honors in the UAE. The award will cover all of Salman’s tuition expenses when he begins his university studies this fall at Spokane Community College outside of Seattle, Washington. A resident of Al Ain, Salman Tariq sought assistance from Hale in realizing his dream of studying in the United States. In coordination with Hale, he received a full scholarship for his first year of studies at American College Dubai. All of his credits from American College Dubai will transfer into the American Honors program, from which he hopes to transfer into a leading four year university next year. After working closely with Salman, the Hale Team recognized how deserving he was of this scholarship, and is proud to present him with the 2016 Hale Scholar Award.

During his time at Al Ain Juniors School, Salman emerged as a top student, receiving the highest marks in the UAE for multiple courses, including A-Level Accounting, A-Level Business Studies, and AS-Level Mathematics. In his final year of high school, he was recognized as Student of the Year, the same year in which he served as Head Boy. Salman’s strong work ethic is evidenced by multiple awards in athletics, academics, and the way he has spearheaded multiple volunteer projects. He exemplified leadership when he acted as a student teacher in his high school’s business studies course; he personified community engagement when he delivered Iftar meals to those in need during Ramadan. Salman accomplished all of this while also working for his father for two years during high school.

Salman Tariq stood out among his peers as a high school student, and he continued to receive attention for his academics and social involvement during his first year at American College of Dubai. At ACD he was recognized as Freshman of the Year and he participated in more than eight university clubs, his favorite of which was Music Club.

Salman is one of four children, and will be the first to travel overseas to attend university. Salman is majoring in Finance, and dreams of becoming a Chartered Public Accountant in the near future. His two older sisters both have Bachelor of Accounting degrees. His mother is a stay-at-home-mom and his father owns his own scrap metal business in Al Ain.

Salman always wanted to study in the US because of the quality of education and for the opportunities available for his future.

“I know that in the US, if I work hard, it will be easy to succeed. My full scholarship to study in the US will take the burden off of me and my family, so that I can focus on my studies.”

This will be Salman’s first time in the US. He is looking forward to going sightseeing when he arrives in September and attending his first baseball game.

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