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Hale Education Group




To cultivate and guide the holistic development of students, helping them to achieve their fullest potential through the empowerment of American higher education

enter american universities


Hale Education Group mentors, guides and prepares students for entry into American universities through:

  • Ensuring each student creates a realistic, balanced college list based on the philosophy of “fit” which
    • Understands each university through the lens of its academics, curriculum, student body, size, geographical context, value system, extracurricular opportunities, and campus culture
    • Does not overemphasize rankings at the expense of qualitative factors
  • Providing independent, objective advice based on comprehensive research and counselors’ firsthand experience through intensive, one-on-one counseling and mentoring
  • Preparing students for success in university by advancing a study/life balance
  • Fostering individuality and intellectual curiosity
  • Developing a personalized strategy and timeline for standardized testing
  • Identifying merit-based aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Assisting with student visa registration and application
hale values


At Hale Education Group, we live these values:

  • Recognizing and respecting each student as an individual, each with the potential to be extraordinary
  • Adhering to the highest ethical standards throughout the mentoring and application processes
  • Providing honest, independent, and objective advice and communication at all times