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Peter Y. Davos

Founder and Managing Director

Peter is a first generation college graduate, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa, with a double major, from Johns Hopkins University and spent his junior year abroad completing the General Course in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Peter holds Master’s Degrees from Oxford University (Lady Margaret Hall) and Harvard University (Graduate School of Design), where he was selected Marshal of his class and received numerous national, international, and university scholarships/honors, including the GSD Alumni Council Book Prize and the Colloredo-Mansfeld Prize for Superior Achievement in Real Estate Studies. He has completed UCLA’s Certificate in College Counseling with Distinction and IECA’s Summer Training Institute. Peter is a governing board member of the North American International School in Dubai and has served as a Johns Hopkins Alumni Interviewer for over fourteen years. He is a member of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Council, Second Decade Society, and founder/co-president of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Society of the UAE. A proud member of the HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association), OACAC (Overseas Association for College Admissions Counseling), HASUAE (Harvard Alumni Society of the UAE), and American Business Council of Dubai, Peter is widely considered to be the authority on US university admissions in the GCC. He is a contributing writer on US Education issues for Gulf News and has lived in Dubai since 2010.

Anushka Chugani

Director of Operations

Anushka graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University with a double major in Arabic and French. She was awarded the Frederic J. Shepler Memorial Prize in French from Tufts University upon her graduation, having demonstrated high achievement in the study of Francophone literature. Before moving back to Dubai to work in education consultancy and tutoring, Anushka worked in public relations in Washington D.C., and interned at a top advertising agency in Boston. Anushka has provided mentoring and general academic support to A-level and IB students in English, French, Arabic, and Art, in addition to helping pupils develop their time management and study skills. She was also an active member of the tutoring and elderly outreach programs at the Leonard Carmichael Society throughout her time at Tufts. Born in Malta and raised in Dubai, Anushka is an alumna of Dubai College, and has studied Business French at College International de Cannes.

Murat Dagli

Educational Consultant

Murat graduated Cum Laude from Yale University in 2014. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and completed the pre-med track. During his time at Yale, Murat did programs abroad in Peru, Jordan, and Chile and was very involved with the international community on campus. Before joining Hale, he worked at a think tank in Washington, D.C. doing research on Western Hemisphere affairs and at Varsity Tutors helping students improve their test-taking scores. Murat speaks Spanish and Turkish, and is an avid fan of cooking, traveling, and film.

Libby Kokemoor

Educational Consultant

Libby graduated from Pomona College with a BA in International Relations. At Pomona, she sang in the choir and Glee Club, wrote for the student newspaper, and studied abroad in Alexandria, Egypt. Prior to advising in the UAE, Libby taught and consulted in Singapore, where she was also a member of the Singapore Symphony Chorus, and pursued internships at non-profit and government offices in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. As an experienced consultant for international applicants to top undergraduate and graduate programs, Libby particularly enjoys working closely with students to identify the right fit and tell their stories effectively to realize their ambitions. Originally from Wisconsin, she loves music, traveling, and learning new languages.

Frida Lundgren

Educational Consultant

Frida graduated Cum Laude from Tufts University with a major in International Relations. During her time at Tufts, Frida was very involved in the international community on campus. She worked as a coordinator for the Tufts International Orientation Program, and as a mentor and member of the advisory board for the Tufts University Undergraduate Admissions’ PASSPORT Program. Frida was awarded a Certificate of Achievement recognizing her contribution to the international community upon her graduation. She also participated in study abroad programs in Italy, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Before joining Hale, Frida worked in Boston and Berlin as a student advisor for language immersion programs. Originally from Sweden, Frida enjoys traveling, cooking, and blogging. 

Alexandra Newlon

Educational Consultant

Alexandra was born outside Boston, Massachusetts, and moved north to Montreal, Canada to study Anthropology at McGill University. She recently completed a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis. In between her undergraduate and graduate studies she spent three years in Turkey as a Fulbright Fellow, and as a private IELTS/ESL tutor. During this time, she volunteered at a women’s empowerment cooperative, and a Kurdish advocacy non-profit. When she returned to the U.S. she worked for two years as the Volunteer Coordinator for a citizenship tutoring program for elderly immigrants, and in refugee education and resettlement. She speaks French, Turkish, and is learning Arabic. Alexandra loves encouraging her students to discover their passion both inside and outside of the classroom.

Dari Seo Seo

Educational Consultant

Dari graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and a minor in Environmental Science. At Dartmouth, he was selected Marshal of his class, served as Student Body Vice President, and was awarded the William Jewett Tucker Fellowship. Dari also studied abroad in France and played for Dartmouth’s Club Soccer Team. Before joining Hale, he worked in China, served as a Human Rights Activist in Nicaragua, and interned with McKinsey & Company as a research analyst. Originally from Costa Rica, Dari loves cooking, sports, and outdoors activities.

Mona Khan

Educational Consultant

Mona graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke College with a special major in Mathematics and Economics. She was awarded Mount Holyoke’s 21st Century Scholarship for demonstrating outstanding record of co-curricular and leadership achievement. Prior to joining Hale, Mona worked as an Investment Banking Analyst on Wall Street and volunteered as a Student Ambassador at Mount Holyoke’s Office of Admission. Originally from Pakistan and raised in Dubai, Mona attended the International School of Choueifat where she was an active member of the Student Life Organization and was selected as Head of the Academics Department during her senior year. 

What Students Are Saying

Mr Davos helped me a lot with my resume, essay, preparing my application, and guiding me after a lot of confusion when it comes to applying to universities. I would recommend him to anyone who is not sure of the admission process to universities or who simply wants help in preparing and perfecting his or her documents.
Muhammad D.
I would definitely recommend Hale Education Group. Their friendly and professional team personalized the college admission process. All the counselors gave me great insight into the admission process due to their work experience at US universities. This made the admission process much easier and less stressful. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. My parents are also very happy with my various acceptances and scholarships!
Mallika K.
My ultimate dream was to study in the US and pursue a US degree. When I met Mr Davos I knew that he was the person I was looking for. Helped in finding the right college and gave me a good idea on the US education system and culture. He showed me a lot of options that I have never heard, without him it would be impossible for me to find a college in the US.
Sen J.
When faced with the daunting and somewhat perplexing task of applying to some of the US’s most prestigious universities, I reached out to Hale Education Group. HEG supported me every step of the way beginning with the school search and ending with the “submit your application” button….As a result, I was accepted to seven out of the eight universities I applied to, including all three Ivy League applications. In short, I am extremely thankful to Peter Davos and his team for helping me make this dream come true.
Hiba E.
I recall feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of my college search. Not only did I have a poor understanding of the application process for American Universities, but I also had no clear idea of which schools and programs I was interested in applying to. Working with the Hale team gave me clarity of thought, insight, and helped to improve my communication skills. With the help of Peter and Maia, I learned the in’s and out’s of the entire admissions process during the second half of my junior year. …Overall, I was fortunate enough to be admitted to every college to which I applied. I truly believe this would not have happened without the support and coaching I received from the Hale team.
Daniel G.
The most important thing that Hale Education Group helped me do was achieve my dreams! I was a transfer student, and after studying at AUD for a year I never thought I’d be able to leave the bubble this early. The first meeting my parents and I had with Peter, we realized that it wasn’t impossible and he gave my parents that assurance that it was a great idea….Fortunately, with immense help from the Hale Education Group team, I was accepted into almost all the schools I applied to, including my top choice NYU.
I cannot thank them enough! I would recommend them to anyone hoping to study in the United States.
Poonam L.
We had a great experience with Hale Education Group. Although we came to know about Hale and Peter Davos late in to the academic year, and had limited time to submit applications, Peter’s stout devotion, unfaltering interest, and the hard work of his team helped our dedicated son receive the perfect amount of guidance to assist him with the US university application process. We would highly recommend Hale to all the aspiring students, especially those in the UAE, as most of us here are unaware of the intricacies of the US educational system or have no first-hand experience regarding the universities to which we wish to apply.
Ali M.
Originally, it was my mother who set up a phone call with Hale Education Group’s Founder, Peter Davos. Skeptical, but hopeful, I listened in. Suddenly, help wasn’t out of reach. I worked with Hale because I was incredibly unhappy with where I was formerly enrolled for my first two years of college. Hale had been working with my siblings prior to my consultation and I had only heard good things from family members and friends. Hale Education Group worked miracles. I came in doubting everything and everyone. I had a terrible rap sheet due to my own mistakes in high school and I made some poor educational choices at my former college. The advisors and I met multiple times over the summer. I dedicated a good two months and buckled down. Within a few weeks, I had already sent out 16+ applications and started receiving answers within three weeks. Albeit stressful and nerve-wracking, Hale took the pressure off. The staff is exceptional and I was, and am still, wonderfully surprised at the amount of progress we had made. They have managed to blow me and my family away. I came in expecting multiple rejections, but what I got was 12 acceptances out of 16 applications and scholarships on top of that! Mind you, they do not set you up in unknown towns. I was applying to places in Boston, Chicago, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York… all very prestigious schools that have a great reputation. I never envisioned myself in the city I live in now (Boston), but it’s all thanks to Hale. What I most enjoyed was Hale’s team based approach – all of their advisors worked together to achieve their results. And that’s what Hale will give to all of their students – their absolute best collective effort. I cannot thank Hale Education Group enough. I am so happy at my new university and my new city.
Sara G.
Hale Education Group was a great source of guidance during the college application process. I know that, had I not had their support, applying to colleges would have been almost impossible, since I kept prioritizing doing homework over writing personal and supplementary essays. They really kept me on track and made sure I completed everything before the deadline. I strongly suggest to anyone thinking about applying to US colleges to consider their services.
Romina S.
From the beginning to the end of the college process, Peter and the Hale Education Group were invaluable. I began the process almost wholly unaware of what a successful application looked like and with extremely limited knowledge about universities in America. Peter exposed me to a variety of incredible and well suited universities and liberal arts colleges and for this I am eternally grateful. He along with the Hale Education Group, in particular Mary and Christine, helped me to write a Common App essay that was unique, insightful and distinctly my own in addition to helping me refine and tweak numerous university supplements that are now some of my favorite essays. The college application process is always extremely stressful and tiring and Peter and the Hale Education Group did whatever they could to relieve any tension and ensure that I was content with my direction in addition to providing me with resources for the SAT reasoning and subject tests. Elaine for example, helped me with completing the admin section of the Common App while Dina provided me with useful insight when applying for my F1 visa. With the consistent support of Hale Education Group, I was accepted to my top choice university in addition to a number of extremely competitive programs and scholarships and I am certain I would not have received such positive outcomes without Peter’s input and guidance. I highly recommend Hale Education Group to anyone looking to study in the United States because of the friendliness, care and individual attention I received throughout the application process.
Aliya D.
I started my application process later than most, and figuring the whole thing out seemed hopeless. Luckily, I found Peter Davos and the whole Hale Education Group, who have provided me with invaluable assistance throughout. From picking a list of schools that perfectly match my personality and essay brainstorming to interview preparation and administrative issues, Peter and his team have made applying to US universities as simple and efficient as possible, without ever taking my application in a direction I did not want it to go. The team makes sure that your application remains truly yours and your own voice is expressed as clearly as possible – an essential component of a successful application.
Thanks to Hale Education Group’ support, I have successfully applied to a score of top schools, including several Ivy Leagues and a certain Californian university. I am confident that I would have not gotten such amazing results had it not been for Peter’s help.
Hale Education Group might just be the best college advisory business in the UAE!
Paul T.