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Pure coincidence led us to hear about and then meet with Peter Davos and the Hale team. My daughter Yassmeen was in year 12, in her first year of the A level course, two year course in the British system, at the British School Al Khubairat. She has the desire to apply to US, as well as UK universities, when we approached Hale seeking some help in university choices and the common app. Not knowing what laid ahead, our action felt at times rather uncalled for yet, we went ahead with it to make sure we’re on the right track. Not much was happening, in terms of applications, until my daughter received her unfortunate end of year exam results. It was a time of despair and hopelessness, university seemed way out of reach!

Our real experience with Hale began the day, I called Peter to let him in on Yassmeen’s situation and at the time I was thinking to myself, what is he going to do? Wave a magic wand? It was August, applications processes were over and all was done with. The way he handles the situation was in fact magical. With only GCSE results, we started applying directly to institutions of higher learning in United States, which included community colleges, 2+2 honors programs, libberal arts colleges and private universities. We would not have known about any of these options without Hale’s advice and recommendations. They turned a very difficult and seemingly hopeless situation into one that gave Yassmeen the opportunity to choose from several attractive acceptances. She’s now enrolled in Wheaton College, a liberal arts college just outside Boston, studying computer science. We can only thank our lucky stars that led us to Hale Education.
University applications and choices can be quite challenging when it comes to choosing the right one. I sincerely urge Emarati students who are looking into studying in the US to commence their journey in university applications (which isn’t the most straight forward process) with Hale Education. They surely make it happen!


Peter and the rest of the Hale team do an excellent job as college consultants, but I don’t think that’s the best way to describe them. They are far more than that — to me, they have been mentors. This is a team that cares deeply about their students and genuinely wants them to succeed and to feel confident, and this is noticeable by the lengths to which they go in order to get to know us as individuals throughout the process. This means that what Peter and Hale do goes far beyond the tangibles — such as putting together a college list or brainstorming and helping you focus your essays — and instead they transform the college application process into one of self-discovery and aspiration through their approach. Their optimism is contagious, and I would have never applied to Harvard and so many other top universities without their persistent encouragement: they saw my potential and guided me through every step of the way so that I could achieve what they knew I was capable of, and for this I am enormously grateful. Thank you for believing in me.

With the help of Peter and his team, I received two full-ride scholarships from Boston University and Fordham, and I also gained admission to and received financial aid from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Brown, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and Amherst. Would I have gained admission to these schools if I hadn’t worked with Hale? I genuinely don’t know. It is clear that I had the potential to gain admission as a result of years of hard work and involvement in my community, but potential is not enough when the selection process is as competitive: you need to convey that potential clearly and convincingly to the admission officers, and the first step towards doing this is to genuinely believe that you have the potential. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect admissions officers to believe in your potential?

When I think of Peter, the words ‘college consultant’ don’t come to mind — he is my mentor and friend. He has continuously pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me explore possibilities I had never even considered, and changed the way in which I view myself. When the work got tough and I felt frustrated, he always found a way to make me feel motivated and at ease. He is an excellent person, full of energy and kindness, and working with him transformed the college applications process into a truly enjoyable one, as opposed to the taxing experience that it was for many of my friends. I have emerged from the process with acceptances to all of my top choice universities and, perhaps more importantly, I have also emerged with a heightened confidence in myself and plenty of optimism in what lies ahead. I cannot recommend Peter and the Hale team enough working with them has been a rewarding experience in every sense of the word.


There are really no words to describe how grateful I am to you and your team. You believed in Derek, and invested your time, experience, and above all, your friendship on him…I’m thankful that we crossed paths and that we were able to meet you. I’m confident that this experience, where Derek worked alongside you, will always stay with him as an essential part of his formative years. You’ve motivated him and guided him so that he can believe in his ability and potential.


I joined Hale Education Group while in my penultimate year at English College. With their help and guidance, I’ve already been admitted into 10 universities, a feat I would have struggled to pull off on my own.  Thanks to the Hale Education team, not only have I gained valuable clarity about the next four years of my life, but I’ve also become more organized and effective at managing my time, allowing me to strike a healthy balance between school and my career as a swimmer. Their vast knowledge of US universities helped me narrow my search and find the right university in the right location, and my parents now feel more secure about sending me to other side of the world. I’m excited about the idea of attending The University of Tampa, my top choice, and pursuing a degree in Psychology and Biology.


I could not be more grateful to have had Hale Education Group to guide me during a relaxed but exciting application process.  Without their help, I would have never visited and found the school of my dreams – which I have now been accepted into with a scholarship! With the encouragement of Peter and his counselors, I was able to stay right on track throughout the application season, happily finishing all my essays well before each deadline. All 5 of my early action schools came back with acceptances so far, along with 4 merit scholarships, results I am so overjoyed about! Hale has been an incredibly supportive team and I am beyond thankful for all they have helped me achieve.


The college admission process to the United States was a completely new challenge my family and I faced during my senior year of High School. Being from Sweden, neither my parents nor I had any idea of how to proceed. However, thanks to the great staff at the Hale Education Group, I was able to familiarize myself with the process and get into one of my top choice universities. Furthermore, thanks to their help and guidance I was able to receive an academic scholarship covering around a third of the tuition. Now after a semester at college, I am truly grateful for the advice and recommendations I received from the advisors at Hale. In addition to this, the advisors at Hale were all extremely professional and showed incredible commitment throughout the entire process.


I’ve been working on my college plans with Hale since November 2013 and I can honestly say that they have done wonders to help me prepare for studies in the US.

The Hale team has helped me plan out each and every aspect of the journey that is the college application, leaving no stone unturned. Thanks to Hale, all my summers were extremely productive; I enrolled in summer programs and courses for college credit, and also did internships to get experience in the workforce. Community service is something a lot of students struggle to find in Dubai, but thanks to Hale, I was able to commit to a program outside of school for over two years.None of this would have been possible without Mr Davos and his team of dedicated counsellors.

found Hale’s services most useful in perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of the entire application: the college essay. Mr Davos and I had numerous brainstorming sessions over the summer to plan a college essay that was unique and my own. With the help of Hale’s counsellors, I was able to finish my main essay before school even started, so I was able to manage the supplements of 18 colleges quite well.

Mr Davos and his team did a really good job at not only helping me with my application, but also making me more intellectually curious. I would have not even thought about studying the humanities had it not been for Mr Davos’ kind words and support. With Hale, I have found new academic interests that I am keen to pursue at an undergraduate level. None of what I have accomplished would have been possible without Mr Davos’ input along with the aid of his colleagues. I highly recommend Hale Education Group to anyone considering applying to a university in the USA.


My son was accepted into his top choice university as an Early Decision applicant. To say that we are elated is an understatement. This was a culmination of my son’s efforts and Mr. Davos’ thorough guidance for the past two years. The Hale team has helped us tremendously with every part of the application process, from researching colleges, to planning his summer activities, to brainstorming and writing the college essays. My son honestly would not have even considered taking college courses for credit had it not been for Hale. Hale has also helped my son prepare for college interviews, a vital part of the application process.

I strongly recommend anyone considering applying to US universities to consult Mr. Davos and his team for their services to give your child the best shot at top choice colleges!


We would like to thank the entire team at Hale Education Group for the tremendous support they provided to our daughter in preparing and submitting the application to NYU Abu Dhabi. We were already very late when we started however the team at Hale – led by Peter – worked tirelessly to fulfill all the requirements and we are very proud of our daughter who has successfully secured addition at NYU by leveraging the guidance and experience which the Hale team offered. Thank you Hale Education Group!


When faced with the daunting and somewhat perplexing task of applying to some of the US’s most prestigious universities, I reached out to Hale Education Group. HEG supported me every step of the way beginning with the school search and ending with the “submit your application” button….As a result, I was accepted to seven out of the eight universities I applied to, including all three Ivy League applications. In short, I am extremely thankful to Peter Davos and his team for helping me make this dream come true.


I recall feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of my college search. Not only did I have a poor understanding of the application process for American Universities, but I also had no clear idea of which schools and programs I was interested in applying to. Working with the Hale team gave me clarity of thought, insight, and helped to improve my communication skills. With the help of Peter and Maia, I learned the in’s and out’s of the entire admissions process during the second half of my junior year. Overall, I was fortunate enough to be admitted to every college to which I applied. I truly believe this would not have happened without the support and coaching I received from the Hale team.


Mr Davos helped me a lot with my resume, essay, preparing my application, and guiding me after a lot of confusion when it comes to applying to universities. I would recommend him to anyone who is not sure of the admission process to universities or who simply wants help in preparing and perfecting his or her documents.


I would definitely recommend Hale Education Group. Their friendly and professional team personalized the college admission process. All the counselors gave me great insight into the admission process due to their work experience at US universities. This made the admission process much easier and less stressful. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. My parents are also very happy with my various acceptances and scholarships!


My ultimate dream was to study in the US and pursue a US degree. When I met Mr Davos I knew that he was the person I was looking for. Helped in finding the right college and gave me a good idea on the US education system and culture. He showed me a lot of options that I have never heard, without him it would be impossible for me to find a college in the US.


The most important thing that Hale Education Group helped me do was achieve my dreams! I was a transfer student, and after studying at AUD for a year I never thought I’d be able to leave the bubble this early. The first meeting my parents and I had with Peter, we realized that it wasn’t impossible and he gave my parents that assurance that it was a great idea….Fortunately, with immense help from the Hale Education Group team, I was accepted into almost all the schools I applied to, including my top choice NYU.


We had a great experience with Hale Education Group. Although we came to know about Hale and Peter Davos late in to the academic year, and had limited time to submit applications, Peter’s stout devotion, unfaltering interest, and the hard work of his team helped our dedicated son receive the perfect amount of guidance to assist him with the US university application process. We would highly recommend Hale to all the aspiring students, especially those in the UAE, as most of us here are unaware of the intricacies of the US educational system or have no first-hand experience regarding the universities to which we wish to apply.


Originally, it was my mother who set up a phone call with Hale Education Group’s Founder, Peter Davos. Skeptical, but hopeful, I listened in. Suddenly, help wasn’t out of reach. I worked with Hale because I was incredibly unhappy with where I was formerly enrolled for my first two years of college. Hale had been working with my siblings prior to my consultation and I had only heard good things from family members and friends. Hale Education Group worked miracles. I came in doubting everything and everyone. I had a terrible rap sheet due to my own mistakes in high school and I made some poor educational choices at my former college. The advisors and I met multiple times over the summer. I dedicated a good two months and buckled down. Within a few weeks, I had already sent out 16+ applications and started receiving answers within three weeks. Albeit stressful and nerve-wracking, Hale took the pressure off. The staff is exceptional and I was, and am still, wonderfully surprised at the amount of progress we had made. They have managed to blow me and my family away. I came in expecting multiple rejections, but what I got was 12 acceptances out of 16 applications and scholarships on top of that! Mind you, they do not set you up in unknown towns. I was applying to places in Boston, Chicago, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York… all very prestigious schools that have a great reputation. I never envisioned myself in the city I live in now (Boston), but it’s all thanks to Hale. What I most enjoyed was Hale’s team based approach – all of their advisors worked together to achieve their results. And that’s what Hale will give to all of their students – their absolute best collective effort. I cannot thank Hale Education Group enough. I am so happy at my new university and my new city.


Hale Education Group was a great source of guidance during the college application process. I know that, had I not had their support, applying to colleges would have been almost impossible, since I kept prioritizing doing homework over writing personal and supplementary essays. They really kept me on track and made sure I completed everything before the deadline. I strongly suggest to anyone thinking about applying to US colleges to consider their services.


From the beginning to the end of the college process, Peter and the Hale Education Group were invaluable. I began the process almost wholly unaware of what a successful application looked like and with extremely limited knowledge about universities in America. Peter exposed me to a variety of incredible and well suited universities and liberal arts colleges and for this I am eternally grateful. He along with the Hale Education Group, in particular Mary and Christine, helped me to write a Common App essay that was unique, insightful and distinctly my own in addition to helping me refine and tweak numerous university supplements that are now some of my favorite essays. The college application process is always extremely stressful and tiring and Peter and the Hale Education Group did whatever they could to relieve any tension and ensure that I was content with my direction in addition to providing me with resources for the SAT reasoning and subject tests. Elaine for example, helped me with completing the admin section of the Common App while Dina provided me with useful insight when applying for my F1 visa. With the consistent support of Hale Education Group, I was accepted to my top choice university in addition to a number of extremely competitive programs and scholarships and I am certain I would not have received such positive outcomes without Peter’s input and guidance. I highly recommend Hale Education Group to anyone looking to study in the United States because of the friendliness, care and individual attention I received throughout the application process.


I started my application process later than most, and figuring the whole thing out seemed hopeless. Luckily, I found Peter Davos and the whole Hale Education Group, who have provided me with invaluable assistance throughout. From picking a list of schools that perfectly match my personality and essay brainstorming to interview preparation and administrative issues, Peter and his team have made applying to US universities as simple and efficient as possible, without ever taking my application in a direction I did not want it to go. The team makes sure that your application remains truly yours and your own voice is expressed as clearly as possible – an essential component of a successful application. Thanks to Hale Education Group’ support, I have successfully applied to a score of top schools, including several Ivy Leagues and a certain Californian university. I am confident that I would have not gotten such amazing results had it not been for Peter’s help. Hale Education Group might just be the best college advisory business in the UAE!